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The investment criteria included on the website are meant to be indicative of the types of items considered by TDP when making an investment decision; the factors included are not meant to be exhaustive and not all factors are considered for each investment decision.

Testimonials of Executive Partners, Advisory Partners, and/or portfolio company executives are provided to demonstrate the benefits of working with the TDP team. They are not provided to solicit investors in a TDP fund. Some Executive Partners, Advisory Partners, and/or portfolio company executives featured in the testimonials may also have an interest in a TDP fund; such testimonial is not offered on the basis of being an investor in a TDP fund but rather as an executive who works with the TDP team. Additionally, TDP Executive Partners, Advisory Partners, and/or portfolio company executives are compensated for their work with TDP.

The title “Executive Partner” and “Advisory Partner” is not intended to indicate that a team member with this title is a partner, principal, or employee of TDP or a TDP fund. Executive Partners and Advisory Partners are experienced investment and operating professionals who provide expertise to TDP and its portfolio companies. They may often have business or investment activities unrelated to TDP and are compensated either directly or indirectly by a TDP fund.

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