Environmental, Social and Governance

We recognize the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and strive to integrate ESG considerations into our investment process and partnerships with lower middle-market companies. Our management company integrates and adheres to the below ESG principles as we conduct our day-to-day operations in a socially responsible and forward-thinking manner.


We evaluate potential environmental impacts that our partners may have through the conduct of their business. These considerations include understanding the overall costs to the environment that business operations may pose, including waste management and water and air pollution, as well as designing potential mitigation strategies to lessen the overall environmental costs related to the operations of our partner companies.


We seek out and foster workplace environments that promote diversity and provide a welcoming forum for a range of opinions and viewpoints to be expressed. Our social principles focus on protecting the rights of all constituents we interact with and maintaining the highest level of employee engagement in our companies. We believe fostering a high level of engagement in a safe workplace environment ultimately results in enhanced customer satisfaction and positive community impacts.


We strive to be thoughtful in the construction of portfolio company boards of directors in order to best serve all stakeholders of our companies. We focus on defining and constantly improving compliance protocols within all of our partnerships as well as our management company to ensure that the standards of corporate excellence are upheld on a daily basis.